A Roman Catholic Community in Newton Falls Ohio

St. Mary & St. Joseph Parish

                     COSTS & INFORMATION

10500 Newton Falls Road Newton Falls, Ohio 44444


The St. Mary and St. Joseph Ladies Guild can serve a luncheon after the Funeral Service. For more information contact the Church Office at 330-872-5742.


Parishioner $650.00     Non Parishioner $950.00


Parishioner $450.00     Non Parishioner $750.00


Parishioner $125.00     Non Parishioner $175.00


Opening/Closing $100.00


Monument Footers must be done by the Monument Company.


Portage Marble & Granite

912 Mantua St. Kent 330-673-5870

Warren Marble & Granite

823 Niles Rd. SE Warren 330-393-7136

Ventling Memorials

5049 Mahoning Ave. NW Warren 330-847-8500


Borowski Memorial Home

30 Ridge Rd. Newton Falls 330-872-5744

James Funeral Home

8 E Broad St. Newton Falls 330-872-5440

           St. Joseph’s Cemetery

            Rules & Regulations

1. All Christmas wreaths, flowers, etc. must be removed before March 1st. Decorations remaining after March 1st will be removed by Cemetery Maintenance and discarded.

2. Bedding or planted flowers are permitted only in front of the monument and may not extend more than twelve inches (12”) from the monument base and not exceeding the width of the monument.

3. Borders around Monuments: Mulch only is permitted in the bedding area. Small stones, slag, gravel, marble and wood chips or other similar products are not permitted around markers and monuments. These can become dangerous projectiles when using the string trimmer. Frames or fencing of wood, metal or plastic or any other materials are also prohibited.

4. Vigil Lights are permitted if properly placed and properly maintained. Vigil Lights must be placed in front of the monument or permanently mounted on a base. St. Mary’s & St. Joseph’s Church is not responsible for any damage or breakage to the Vigil Lights, statues, or breakable items that are placed on bedding or monuments.

5. Other decorations-Please make sure these are properly secured. Remember: It can be very windy out there.

6. Driving is only permitted on the paved road. Cars, bikes, motor cycles, scooters, or any other vehicles are prohibited on or near monuments or graves.

7. Vases may be permanently installed on both ends of the monument.

8. Shepherd Hooks are not permitted in St. Joseph Cemetery.

9. Flowers, (fresh cut, potted, or artificial) are approved provided they are properly maintained. If they become unsightly they will be removed. Trees, shrubs, evergreens, pines and all types of bushes are not permitted on graves.

10. Saddles, (artificial flowers) are permitted on top of Monuments. Please make sure they are securely mounted.

11. Memorials & Inscriptions & are permitted, and must contain appropriate symbols and inscriptions which reflect nothing contrary to Catholic faith doctrine or morals. Those with religious significance are given preference. Anyone who wishes to place non religious symbols must first attain written permission from the pastor of St. May and /St. Joseph Church. (Examples of non religious symbols prohibited include but are not limited to: Pentagram, upside down cross, swastika, inverted pentagram, etc. These types of symbols are contrary to our Catholic faith, doctrine and morals and will not be permitted.)

12. Veterans Markers for cemetery monuments: Section 2306 of 38 United States Code authorizes Veterans Administration to provide headstone or markers only for the unmarked graves of Veterans. The intent of this law is to ensure that no Veteran lies in an unmarked grave, not to identify the grave as that of a Veteran. Government headstones and grave markers may not be used for other than their intended purpose. (i.e. to be the sole form of memorializing to mark and honor the graves of our Nation’s Veterans. Veteran’s plaques will only be allowed on the back of the grave monument for those buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery. They are not to be placed anywhere else at the grave site.)  For more information concerning the United States Veteran Markers see www.va.gov.